Tuesday, February 12, 2008

News To Get Your Sports Day Off To A Crappy Start

From Kotaku:
Electronic Arts today announced that they've extended their exclusive agreement with the NFL and the Players Association for another three years, meaning the publisher has the only agreement in place with the league for creating licensed football games through the 2012/2013 season.

"We've just completed a period of renegotiations with the NFL for a three year extension of our current deal," Peter Moore said in an interview with Kotaku.

Super. So that means another three years of an announcer who sounds like he's using a tin can and a string. Crap animations, half of which run at the wrong speed. Crap A.I., some of which will get fixed in a patch that gets issued several months after the game is released.

Oh, and one camera angle. Nice.

Seriously, the Madden series is a perfect example of a developer and publisher having a total disconnect with quality. Actually, with the exception of the current version of NHL, EA Sports has a total disconnect with quality in its entirety.

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