Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Strangepurse

The contents of Gloria's purse, listed as unearthed.

HEBuddy plastic bubbles with prize inside (2)
"Moral Disorder" by Margaret Atwood
Gas Bill
Prescription notes from Walgreen's
The Seven Flags of Texas (decals)
Bottles of hand sanitizer (4)
Boy's socks (1 pair)
Instructions for the "20 Questions" electronic game
Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar
eye drops (2)
Travel-size toothpaste tube (in box)
Small notebook (notes from parenting class)
Shipment receipt from UPS Store
Nail file (in package)
Scrunchy (red)
Nail file (2, loose)
Ipod with armband and earphones
Mometasone cream (for poison ivy)
Nail file (larger)
Screwdriver (Phillips)
Hair clip
Orbit gum, poorly wrapped (1 piece)
Cortaid cream
Lipstick (4)
Chapstick (4)
Shrunken human head
Tylenol (bottle)
Glue stick
Flexible bracelet (shiny)
Hair brush
Unknown key (boyfriend's house)
Car keys
Crayons (5)
Broken pen
Stamps (2)
Used tissue
Bottle of perfume
AAA key-ring card
Pens (15)
Pencils (4, 1 with grip)
Hard candy (1, orange)
Coins (63, total value $6.99, including commemorative quarters from Vermont, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Idaho, Rhode Island, and Washington)

I might have added two items that weren't actually in her purse. But only two.

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