Monday, April 28, 2008

Gaming Links

A new version of the outstanding PC game Mount&Blade was released today. It's version 0.95, and the announcement and download links are in the TaleWorld forums.

If you've never played Mount&Blade, it's fantastic.

There are two interesting articles over at Gamasutra about narrative and meaning in games. The first is Why More Games Need Subtext, while the second is Ken Levine on BioShock's Narrative Drive.

N'Gai Croal has a blizzard of interesting items over at Level Up, as usual. First is a guest column by Keith Boesky: Why Society At Large Seems Games And Porn In The Same Light--And How We're All To Blame . I don't necessarily agree with his conclusions (and I may write about that later this week), but it's a thoughtful article. Justin Blankenship also has a column that updates his previous examination of the possible SEC obstacles to a purchase of Take-Two by Electronic Arts.

I'm waiting for this press release from the SEC:
We have tentatively approved the merger, provided that we can get some more *$#damn camera angles in NCAA and Madden.

Also, Bing Gordon (Chief Creative Officer) is leaving Electronic Arts after twenty-five years, and N'Gai has both the scoop and an interview.

I'd recommend a story from the front page of Gamers With Jobs, but it's impossible--they're all interesting. Those guys really are amazing.

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