Tuesday, May 06, 2008

3-D and Gaming

Long-time readers (I feel your pain) of this column will remember that I have written on many occasions about 3-D being the future of gaming. And I described a 3-D gaming space in which our movements (not just the movements of a controller) would be sensed and used in games.

K Anderson sent me a link to a story about PrimeSense, an Israeli company, and this is very similar to what I've been writing about:
Imagine the Wii with 3D vision. The console would understand if you were behind an object and images would move accordingly and you could reach out with your hand to “touch” items on the screen. The technology is real and it works and PrimeSense, a small Israeli company, is trying to release it into the wild.

...The system basically uses a 3D camera to see objects in space. The result is a completely immersive experience without controllers, something some gamers have been looking for for years.

There are a ton of caveats here. PrimeSense, according to the article, was promising hardware two years ago, and while they've announced that they've moved out of development, I don't think anyone has actually seen this work. And it's highly unlikely that they could retrofit this tech to an existing console.

If it's not these guys, though, it's going to be someone else.

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