Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Few Chocolate Coins and Mr. Stupidhead

Eli's last day at school is tomorrow, then he's out for the summer.

Last night, Gloria asked Eli what kind of present he wanted to get his teacher. With exuberance full speed ahead, he said "A gift certificate to Target and a few chocolate coins!"

Eli has a friend named Chloe. Chloe is in first grade, too, and she is very smart and very sunny. She comes by this naturally--her parents are both incredibly nice (and smart), so much so that if there was some kind of apocalypse and you could only pick ten people to restart the planet, they would both be on the list.

Chloe is always in a good mood, and always happy to see Eli. Even though he really likes Chloe, though, and talks about her in glowing terms when she's not around, sometimes Eli turns into a grouch when they're playing together. He did this yesterday, because he was really tired (and took a two-hour nap after Chloe went home), but we told him that being tired was no excuse for being jerky, and that he should apologize.

So first thing this morning, Eli got up and wrote a little note to Chloe, and he got right to the point :

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