Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Note

Steve Bauman e-mailed me and made an excellent point:
"I've written about this before, but when less than 1% of your customer base is stealing the candy, does it make sense to force everyone to line up and empty their pockets on a regular basis?"

So, publishers don't have any numbers on piracy, but you know it's less than 1% of their customer base?

That's a fair comment--I don't know that. I think that a very small percentage of paying customers are responsible for cracking the game and putting up torrents, but I have no data to support that, and it's not accurate for me to use that number. I assumed that was the case because even a small number of torrents could be responsible for a huge number of pirated copies.

I wasn't trying to minimize the size of the piracy problem for PC games, because it appears to be enormous. It just seems conceptually that PC piracy is a one-to-many relationship because of the digital nature of the content.

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