Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Links!

It's a links blowout this week--all links must go--so let's get started.

First off, from Matt S., a link to a wonderful, remarkable video titled Where The Hell Is Matt?. It will change your day, so please watch.

Next, and this is an absolutely great read, is an article sent in by John Lewkowitz titled The Itch. It's a story about a woman whose head itches, and it plays out like an episode of Night Gallery. It was written by Atul Gawande, and it's a riveting piece of work.

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a link to a Christie's auction--of a 20-sided gaming die. From the second century A.D., by the way.

From Nate Carpenter, a story about an amazing athlete who ran around the world. A 61-year old grandmother, actually. Her name is Rosie Swale-Pope, and she's a badass.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, another remarkable athlete: 63-year old Robert Kraft, who has run 8 miles every day for the last 33 years. On Miami Beach, no less. Also, a link to a no electricity, sustainable fridge. Finally, a thread from the Something Awful forums titled Oh dear lord. Bees! It's a classic, even if it's not exactly "eco-friendly."

Greg Wakolbinger sent in a link to an article about Stan Winston, who passed away earlier this month. He created many of the most memorable creatures in film history.

If you remember Len Bias, you'll want to read this: The Day Innocence Died.

From Cibby Pulikkaseril, a fascinating article about synthetic diamonds which discusses how they're created, their quality, and how they could affect the diamond industry.

This link was sent to me in pendulous quantities: Victoria's Secret: Harnessing the Untapped Power of Breast Motion.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a link to "Black Holes All Eat The Same Way," an article discussing how recent research into black holes demonstrates that they have similar properties, regardless of size.

From Sirius, a link to an article about CamSpace, a webcam-based program that allows you to track the location of up to four objects in real time. Also from Sirius, news of a major dinosaur find in Utah. And the hat trick, with an article about how trees (incredibly) regulate the temperature of their leaves.

Two cool Lego links this week. The first, from Frank Reagan, is a 750,000 piece replica of the Kennedy Space Center, and it's unbelievable. The second, from Scott Ray, is a link to a video of Lego's Memory Lane, a vault containing every Lego set ever manufactured.

Paul Costello sent in a link to an article about a frog with claws.

From Andrew B., a link to (believe it or not) extreme ironing.

From Jeremy Fischer, a link to an article about a scientific conference that took place in World of Warcraft.

From Michael O'Reilly, a link to an article about how doctors in London have successfully used stem cells to restore eyesight.

From Michael Grimm, a link to a Japanese game show that features an arcade game that's sort of a Piano Hero (but with buttons instead of keys). That may not sound like much, but you've got to see this guy play.

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