Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sports Games: The Future

[DQ is live on tape this week, as we are presently on The Big Family Vacation™.]

First off, I apologize, because someone sent me this link, but I can't remember who, so I can't credit them.

If you want to see the future of sports gaming, though, I think it could look something like this:
"It's clear that the next trend in gaming is going to be bringing real objects into the virtual world; playing not against other gamers but people doing the real thing," said Andy Lurling, founder of iOpener Media.

The patented system his company is developing sucks in real-time GPS data from racing events and pumps it out to compatible games consoles and PCs.

The idea is that you could pit yourself against the top drivers in the world, as it happens, from the comfort of your living room.

"You can compete against the best of the best," he told BBC News.

That's just brilliant. So we could drive in the Indy 500 and compete against the actual races of the other drives, potentially in real-time.

There are complications, of course, because there would have to be programming to accommodate us being on the track, but still--it's breathtaking.

Here's an easy way to revitalize the Tiger Woods series: let us play on the real PGA tour each week, with scores updating in real-time. That would be huge, and it's exponentially simpler than capturing real-time telemetry data.

Wait: why aren't we doing this in EVERY sport? Why not have a "real world" option, and except for games involving our teams, the results and stats match what's happening in the current sports season? This could be used in every sports game that has a seasonal component.

Now that's a feature I'd like to see.

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