Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fable 2 (after 2 Hours)

If you're wondering why almost nothing has been posted today, it's because I have been entirely mesmerized by Fable 2.

I enjoyed the first Fable, and I was expecting to enjoy this one, but I was not expecting an exponentially better experience, which is what I've gotten so far. It's an overwhelmingly beautiful game and an entirely stunning experience on an HD screen. It's an extremely cinematic experience, but it's not cinematic in the sense of canned camera angles--it's just a sweeping, cinematic world that has been created.

All right, it's enchanting. Damn it, you made me say it.

It's not particularly difficult--actually, it's been quite simple so far--but that's not the point. I think the point is to experience the extraordinary richness of the game world.

I've basically been playing during every free minute I have, and it means that a giant set of excellent games are temporarily being ignored. For instance:
World of Goo
Dead Space (which has some phenomenal design elements I'll write about in a few days)
King's Bounty
Saint's Row 2
NHL 09
Head Coach
Mount & Blade
De Blob

It's insane. This is absolutely the best collection of games I've ever had to play at roughly the same time. Just amazing.

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