Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Immortal Cities: Nile Online

Here's an interesting bit of information from Tilted Mill:
Tilted Mill Opens Beta for Online Browser game, Immortal Cities: Nile Online.

October 28, 2008 – Tilted Mill Entertainment - independent developers of strategy, simulation and role-playing games - today announced that Immortal Cities: Nile Online, a new web game thematically based on their critically acclaimed, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, is now accepting players on the beta server!

"We really saw an opportunity to bring life on the Nile in ancient Egypt to gamers in a colorful new format." said Chris Beatrice, president of Tilted Mill Entertainment. "At the same time, we saw that we could really enhance and invigorate the browser gaming space by bringing some more traditional gaming mechanics and graphics to the genre." Web developer and designer Jeremiah Freyholtz describes it as "a game where with just a few minutes here and there, throughout the day, you can still enjoy multiplayer interaction and long term goals. Really, it's a virtual garden of sorts - it takes care of itself while you are away, but needs your direction, input and nurturing in order to grow."

Nile Online features an ancient Egyptian setting where you begin by building a single city, harvesting local resources and turning them into goods and structures for your society so you can conduct trade with your neighbors, near and far, along the Nile. Eventually you will expand your empire to encompass several cities, offer goods to the gods, raise armies, and set up labor camps to build prestigious monuments to become Pharaoh. With an inviting visual presentation, backed by decades of strategy game development expertise, Nile Online offers a compelling gaming experience that can be played anywhere for free.

To play, simply go to and request a beta invite. For more information, please visit

Every idea these guys have seems to be golden.

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