Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Soon

Since this is Thanksgiving week, and gaming releases are thinning out, it's going to be a week with lots of family stories. If you like those posts, please take note. If you don't like those posts, please take note.

However, I do need to mention one release that just caught my eye: Ski & Shoot. Incredibly, I believe what we have here is a biathlon simulation for the Wii. That reminds me of the most obscure simulation I ever played: Final Assault, a mountain-climbing game released by Epyx around 1988.

It was awful.

A strategic mountain-climbing game could be fantastic, because there's always the difficult decisions involving allocation of both human energy and material resources.

Could be fantastic, but wasn't.

I'm also still waiting for a great bullfighting simulation, because the "sport" of bullfighting is a great foundation for a game. In the ring, the cape versus the bull could be a very "Street Fighter" type of experience, with complex movements of the cape possible. And the career of a bullfighter as he goes from fighting in front of a few people to tens of thousands could be tremendously dramatic.

Yes, I remember "Torero," which I could never get to run on my PC. Unfortunately.

So now we have a biathlon game on its way, and it ships on the 24th (Monday). That's going in the Gamefly queue right now.

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