Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Console Post of the Week (a bit more)

First, in case you're wondering, Sony's stock is down 69.97% from a year ago. Almost everyone's stock is down, mind you (even Nintendo is down 45%), but they're down more.

Several of you noted that the PS3 is no longer the cheapest Blu-Ray player, not by a long shot, and that this had to be hurting PS3 sales since people were no longer forced into buying a PS3 if they wanted a Blu-Ray player. True.

By the way, the PS3 is an absolutely excellent DVD/Blu-Ray player.

Sony did something remarkably bold in this generation: they tried to dictate the meaning of value to their customers. That may not sound remarkable on its face, but they tried to justify the incredible launch price of the PS3 by saying it was "value," and because they were Sony, we were expected to agree. They were, in essence, telling us (repeatedly) that they knew more than we did.

That's a rather stunning amount of hubris, even for Sony.

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