Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Console Post of the Week: The Current State, From You, In One Paragraph

James Riegel sent me a one-paragraph e-mail that's a concise and accurate summary of the console wars as they currently stand:
I will sum up the current console generation in three sentences (four counting this one).
Nintendo's console lets me play games with my kids and gives them the biggest range of things they like. Microsoft's console lets me play games after they've gone to bed and serves up the best overall experience via Marketplace, additional content, demo availability, etc.
Sony's console lets me watch BluRays from Netflix.

I'd add two things. First, the PS3 is also an excellent CD player, and second, MLB '08: The Show is the one exception to his summary, because I played it for 50+ hours last year (which is more than all the other PS3 games Iplayed combined).

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