Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MLB 09: The Show (PS3)

I've done a very poor job of discussing the new version of The Show--mostly because it's a Day One, Minute One purchase for me already--but let's remedy that now.

First off, here are some developer, blogs, and in terms of information, they're extremely specific:
Franchise Mode enhancements (40-man rosters, supplemental draft, Rule 5 draft, arbitration--are you freaking kidding me?)
A.I. enhancements (CPU fielder routes and reactions to hard-hit balls, 50+ new tag animations, plus a ton of stuff in the pitcher/batter confrontation). The video with this entry is quite good.
Road To The Show enhancements (many notable improvements, and the number of minor league stadiums has been doubled to ten)
Training Modes (added to RTTS mode, and something I was particularly hoping for)

Plus, Dean of Sports Game Reviewers Bill Abner has an outstanding Q&A with the dev team here. My favorite quote?
Realism is our number one goal.

The Q&A is typical Abner--lots of detail and plenty of quality answers.

It's easy to see that when playing MLB 08: The Show, and that's why these guys kick the crap out of every other sports game developer out there. They are in a totally separate league.

Oh, and if you want a comparison, here's what the MLB2K series does better than The Show: nothing. There's your comparison.

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