Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Difference Between Men And Women, #97 and #98

Every little girl grows up wanting to have a wedding. Every little boy grows up wanting to learn how to ride a unicycle.

I was seeing a friend of mine a few weeks ago (Kim--she makes the birthday dessert for me each year that I've raved about previously), and her boyfriend was texting her. Since we were talking about Eli learning how to ride the unicycle, I explained my theory to Kim that all men wanted to learn how to ride the unicycle. All of them.

I asked her to text her boyfriend, and she did, with this: "Did you ever want to learn how to ride a unicycle?"

A few minutes passed, then her phone buzzed. His response? "Actually, I rode one in college."

Look, ladies, that's why we don't understand a single word you say. Please blame the unicycle.

Here's another difference (#98) between men and women, and it relates to how we use the Internet. Gloria came in a few days ago and said "My shoulder hurts, and I have this pain going down along my side."

"And what did a Google search on 'how shoulder pain leads to death' reveal?" I asked.

Gloria laughed, because that's exactly what she does: for any symptom, she'll scour Google until she finds the absolutely worst-case scenario, usually involving death. And it's not just her, either--I know other women who do exactly the same thing, but I don't know any men who do that.

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