Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Forget To Read Her License Plate

Late start today. Eli 7.8 is sick. I'm sick. The babysitter is having back surgery on Friday. I haven't actually checked yet, but surely our trees are diseased. Gloria is the only one to (so far) escape the Nexus of Doom.

I was out driving this afternoon, and at a stoplight I pulled up behind a van. I looked at the back window and saw this:

Yes, it was a memorial to a dead person, complete with birth/death dates and a picture of the deceased in happier times. Constructed using peel-off letters and an enlarged photograph. It was both incredibly tacky and strangely poignant.

Then I had one of those moments that normal people don't have. Normal people see a memorial in the back window of a van and either approve or disapprove. I saw it and was desperately hoping that somewhere below "IN MEMORY OF DAD" I'd see "WHO I KILLED."

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