Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day going for a unicycle session in the morning and watching five new episodes of Ninja Warrior that evening.

Ninja Warrior is on the G4 channel, which makes Spike look like Masterpiece Theatre.

Things we said while watching Ninja Warrior:
--"There's no way he's making it up the salmon ladder."
--"It's Daniel Terry from America, and he's come to Japan for revenge."
--"I'm happy for that thirty-year old shoe salesman."

There's a Mountain Dew commercial that co-markets with World of Warcraft, and two women at a grocery store checkout suddenly attack each other with swords, then transfigure into WOW creatures. Eli watched the women attack each other for a few seconds, then said, "That's called a chick fight or chick-fu." I started laughing and he said, "What? It is!"

Gloria and Eli 7.10 also washed my car, which is the first time it's been washed since the last heavy rain, basically.

A few weeks ago, Eli saw a Father's Day display in Target, but he didn't realize it was specifically for Father's Day. He just thought it was cool stuff that I would like, so he brought home a Dad trophy and a picture holder that said "Daddy."

Gloria said "It wasn't for Father's Day. He just wanted you to have them."

That made my Father's Day right there.

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