Tuesday, June 09, 2009

MMO Baseball

DQ reader Fredrik Skarstedt has a new game in open beta, and it's doing quite well. It's called MMO Baseball, and here's a description of the game (taken from the home page):
MMOBaseball is a FREE web based RPG game that allows you to create a player, or a team owner, and compete in accurately simulated baseball games against baseball lovers from all over the world.

The free game points can be supplemented with your own money (you can buy more points) if you wish, but I've played for a week and haven't needed any yet, because you both get a pool of points for signing up as well as a "salary" when your player is placed on a team. If you do buy more points, though, you can use it to create more players, buy teams, and unlock achievements (which gives your player a wider variety of equipment to buy with his salary).

On the player side (I haven't tried being a team owner yet), your salary is used both for training your player and buying equipment (which provide stat bonuses). It's possible to train your player multiple times a day, if you have enough points, but training sessions actually take real-world time, so it give you an incentive to check on your player several times during the day.

The layout of the game is very pleasing graphically, it's easy to learn, and I think it has an excellent chance to be successful. If you're interested go here to create an account: MMOBaseball. Like I said, they're only a few weeks into the beta, so you can participate in shaping the final product.

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