Monday, June 29, 2009

NCAA: What I Mean

Here's a good example of why I think NCAA has completely run off the rails.

Today, a video was posted about Road To Glory mode, which is basically "Campus Legend" mode with a new name. New features have been added this year--Erin Andrews covering your career, a 3D dorm room, season previews, awards presentations (if you're nominated), and a different in-game audio mix.

That's quite a bit of new content, and I'm fine with it, but if you watch the video and look at the on-field gameplay, it looks identical. There's no mention of user-definable camera angles (which are desperately needed) or making the various fixes to the clock that are needed to accurately track time.

So these new additions are nice, but what was broken about the mode last year appears to still be broken, which makes the new features meaningless. And how NCAA of them to focus on lots of fluff and ignore the core mechanics.

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