Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. Green

"I want to go check the mail," I said. "I think I'll drive."

"DRIVE?" Gloria asked. "It's less than two hundred yards to the mailbox!"

"It's 103 outside, and the heat index is 106," I said. "I could put on a helmet, tape a pan on top, and actually bake pizza."

"You are the laziest man ALIVE," she said. I left and came back a few minutes later.

"Well, how was it?" she asked.

"Good," I said. "I ran the air conditioner for a few minutes in the driveway to cool the car off first."

"Argghhh! You are impossible!" she said.

"If only I could have driven a car from the living room to the driveway," I said.

She made a sound that I can't spell.

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