Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve's Eve Ramblorama

Today, I went to get my hair cut.

As I parked in the shopping center, I saw a new building. A coffee shop, it turned out.

I don't drink coffee, so this was a no-impact event for me. The new shop had a neon sign, though, and it caught my eye. The store name was written in cursive, and it was hard to read, but what I thought it said was so curious that I drove around the other side for a better look. After closer inspection, though, there appeared to be no question.


At least, that's what I think it said. What, was "ASSTAPPER" not available?

One other question, since I was looking for a cursive font to use (fail, because Blogger doesn't support them): why does Microsoft have a font (Trebuchet) named after a siege engine? Seriously, WTF?

Here's what I learned during shopping for gifts this morning: the box a ping pong table comes in does not fit into a SUV. Please adjust your records accordingly.

Meanwhile, if you need a reasonably-priced emergency gift for a woman that will be greatly appreciated, look no further:

That's an image from the Shoes Gallery Calendar 2010, and it is MONEY. There's also a Handbag Gallery calendar, and it's money as well. The cool thing about these calendars is that they have shoes/handbags from decades or even centuries ago, so they're both stylish and interesting.

And if you're looking for a reasonably priced gift for yourself, you need to go check out the Steam sale. They're basically giving shit away.

Moving along, has there ever been a more untested team in the alleged national championship game EVER than Texas? The best two teams they've played all season (Oklahoma State and Nebraska) are rated #21 and #30 in the computer portion of the BCS. Are you kidding me?

Cincinnati, meanwhile, went on the road and beat Oregon St. (#17, even though they just mailed in their bowl game against BYU), West Virginia (#14), and Pittsburgh (#20). The Big East was rated higher than the Big 12 this year, too, but they're not going to play for the national championship because they weren't rated #2 when the season started, basically.

Seriously, the BCS is filthy dirty. Filthy. Has there ever been a more biased system? Texas is in a position to play ONE great game and win the national championship. That's the national championship of what, exactly?

I could also mention that Colt McCoy (based on this season's performance) is the most overrated quarterback in college football--okay, I will. Texas played 7 games against teams rated in the bottom 40 in pass defense (120 teams total in the FBS), and in those games he threw 19 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

Spiffy, right?

In the 6 games against teams rated 21-80 (they didn't play anyone rated in the top 20 in pass defense), he threw 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

Gee, that's entirely mediocre.

Yesterday, we went for a ride at the high school, which is one of the most convenient and interesting places near us to ride. After riding around the parking lots and sidewalks for a while, we rode over to the track and started doing laps.

Also working out: two Swedish teenagers who were fantastic hurdlers (Sweden has a long history of excellence in the hurdling events, presently including Susanna Kallur, who is also absolutely smoking hot), a rugby player (who would kick the ball along the ground, then sprint after it at entirely maniacal speeds), and a pole vaulter. I did not see a jai alai player or a cricketeer, although I looked.

If you didn't click on that Susanna Kallur link, you better go back. Respect the beauty of the Swede.

We rode for two miles, then threw a football on the field for a while (we're doing that most days now, and my arm is about to freaking fall off). I felt like I kind of dogged it, then realized that we would have had a one-week celebration if we'd ridden two miles six months ago.

I told Eli 8.4 and we both laughed. It was a good feeling.

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