Monday, January 11, 2010

And A Little More

Tateru Nino (living in Australia) brought up an excellent point:
Very few of us have bought HD sets yet, because our SD resolution is 576i. 576i from a digital source (cable, satellite, DVD, digital television) looks very good, and 480p isn't really much of a visible improvement.

That might make 3-D a stronger selling point in PAL countries in the medium term.

I always forget that in many regions in the world, HD is still in its infancy, really. In those markets, there may well be less resistance to upgrading.

Miles Lippincott sent me a very funny e-mail. Funny because I know it's true, even though it seems impossible:
I actually sell TVs as part of my current job, and while it's easy to see why you (as someone who pays attention to technology) might see the adoption of HD as a no brainer, I can tell you it's not that simple to the majority of people who are TV shopping now.

...A lot of people simply don't see the difference or view it as a minor improvement, at best. I know that's hard to believe, but I hear it all the time.

"A minor improvement, at best"--that is classic. And please note that all those people are still allowed to vote.

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