Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Impending Winter Disaster

DQ reader Christopher Boyd has been keeping me informed on the epic snowfall in the D.C./Baltimore area over the last few days--38 inches with one storm, and another 15-20 inches a few days later. The last time it snowed like this was in 1898, apparently.

I mention this because it sleeted here for the last two hours (not even sticking) and it's Armageddon. I'm betting that store shelves are already bare as people lay in a month of supplies.

Here's the lead of an article on a local t.v. station's website:
Old man winter isn’t done with Central Texas.

On the heels of a cold front that dipped temperatures into the 30s and 40s across the area, KVUE Storm Team meteorologists say there have been reports of sleet or snow Wednesday, with sleet in Austin and flurries reported in San Marcos and Elgin, but there has been no accumulation.
Oh, and snow flurries tonight. Sand the roads! Sand the roads!

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