Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Links!

Andrew B sent in one of the funniest articles I've read in a long time: Police hunt 'The Midnight Knitter' wool graffiti bandit . What a cool idea. Also, it's Man's penis freed from metal pipe with industrial grinder . Here's a classic quote:
Watch manager Greg Garrett from the Redbridge fire station told the Southampton daily Echo: 'I’ve only come across this type of thing three or four times in my 17 years as a firefighter. It’s not a daily occurrence.'Maybe not where you live.

If you enjoy  magic, you'll flip over this: the only known footage of "Cardini" (Richard Valentine Pitchford), reputed to be one of the greatest sleight of hand artists in history. If you only follow one link this week, it should be this one.

Also, a wonderful video of Jackie Gleason talking about how and why a new show of his (titled "You're In The Picture") totally bombed. And a fascinating but disturbing article about the Ithaca gorges and how they may have influenced suicides at Cornell.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine (he's getting married on Sunday--congratulations!), a link to the NSFW but hilarious The World's Most Action Packed Movie. Also, it's Penthouse Slums: The Rooftop Shanty Towns of Hong Kong. Next, it's 4D heart imaging.

From Frank Regan, a high-school competition featuring the building of Rube Goldberg machines.

From Steven Davis, the fastest binary star pair ever discovered, orbiting each other at 310 miles per second!

From Tim Jones, the largest model railroad in the world. Over 10,000 cars, with over six miles of track.

Jesse Leimkuehler sent in an article that made my head explode, so instead of trying to explain it, I'll just use the title: Weird 'Dark Flow' Seen Deeper Into The Universe Than Ever.

From Cliff Eyler, an amazing video of the illumination of Hadrian's Wall.

From Sirius, a remarkable story of a blind solder "seeing" with his tongue, using a device called a BrainPort. Also, it's Alkali Metals React With Water.

From Kez, it's Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2010. Also, some very funny Sidney Crosby Photoshop of the moment Canada is calling the "Golden Roar" (when he scored to win the gold medal game).

From Todd Johnson, and this is terrific, it's the World's Most Dangerous Roads.

From Phil Honeywell, an excellent tilt-shift video of New York City titled The Sandpit.

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