Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eli 8.8

On my birthday weekend, we were watching the Final Four (like I always do), and Eli 8.8 went into the kitchen and started drawing something. "I'm making you a birthday present, Dad," he said. I thought he would draw for five minutes and be done, but he worked steadily for about forty-five minutes, and then gave me this:

The flower really puts it over the top.

Tonight, we were all eating dinner together. "Eli, I haven't seen Ivan in a while," Gloria said. Ivan is a boy at school. "How is he doing? Remember when he was so sick last fall?"

"I remember," Eli said. "Swine flu AND pneumonia. They said it was life-threatening."

"So how is he doing?" Gloria asked.

"He's fine," Eli said, "but that was scary. We were all worried that swine flu plus pneumonia equals adios Ivan."

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