Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Links!

Here's an in-depth interview with Solium Infernum creator Vic Davis over at Cyber Stratege.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, it's The Coolest Butcher Shop In The World. Pristine, really. Also, a fascinating article about AT&Ts secret plan to dominate broadcasting--  in 1922.

From Nicholas Czekalski, a link to a story about the work of Michael Benson, who is responsible for for some of the most spectacular space images you've ever seen.

From Steve Davis, and this is absolutely breathtaking: the Bach Toccata & Fuge in D Minor. On accordion. It's performed on a Bayan accordion, and if you only click on one link this week, listen to this one.

From Matthew Teets, a video that he described as "unfettered awesomeness" (and he's right): Team Fortress 2: Law Abiding Engineer.

From Sirius, and I've never heard of this before: a poisonous bird. Also, and this is quite beautiful, a classic piece of animation from 1987:  The Man Who Planted Trees.

From Steven Kreuch, some spectacular helmet cam videos.

From J. Simms, an absolutely fantastic story about flying the SR-71 Blackbird, the word's fastest jet.

From Matt Cantrell, an extreme unicycling video (it's sick).

From Geoff Engelstein, a link to a patent application that's quite amusing. Here's the best part:
The player remaining in possession of at least one card from the first round of play is subsequently required to be identified by wearing a hat. While no particular type of hat is required, it is desired within the scope of the present invention that the hat have at least a portion that resembles the human buttocks.

From Mark Bryant, a fascinating story from a photographer who recently toured Chernobyl.

From Sebastian Manikowski, a very clever short film titled Pixels, described as "New York's invasion by 8-bit creatures."

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