Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Frozen Synapse

My wrist is interfering, but I'm hoping to have impressions of the multiplayer beta of Frozen Synapse written up within the next few days. DQ reader Ian Hardingham has kindly consented to answer questions, so that will hopefully be part of the package as well.

If you haven't heard of Frozen Synapse, it's a simultaneous-turn-based tactical game, and here's a description:
Matches take place between two players.

Each player is dealt a "hand" of units, which have different capabilities, weapons and ranges. Both players must then evalaute their units and the terrain, and make a plan to defeat their opponent.

When both players have submitted their plan, both plans play out together and the outcome is revealed.

There are no health bars; units are killed by one good shot from an enemy. The game is about pure tactics and outwitting your opponent, rather than ploughing through a resource tree or memorising dull attack patterns.

There will be a single player campaign as well, but the multiplayer beta is the kickoff. Oh, and if you're wondering about PBEM, it's possible to set up a match, then leave the turn on the server for later pickup by your opponent.

It's an incredibly striking game visually, and I think Ian really has something going here.

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