Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Backbreaker (A Little More)

This game is a 90 that was released in 65 condition.

I think the guys who designed and developed this game have huge talent. This game is a big breath of fresh air. And none of the problems I mentioned yesterday can't be fixed, but unless they are fixed, this game is unplayable in single-player mode.

I played a test game tonight with a team I created. This team had 1 gold player on offense and 1 on defense (the minimum possible number). It was rated at a 44 overall (45 off/45 def). I played the Cincinnatti Hogs, who are a 74 overall (73 off/63 def). 74 is the highest overall team rating I found. Apparently, you unlock a 100 rated team after winning Road To Backbreaker mode, but obviously I haven't done that.

I played with five minute quarters, Pro Mode, Hard difficulty, and "very poor" form for my team (which should make them even worse). I also played the same defense on every play--a simple Tampa 2 defense--and didn't blitz the player I controlled (linebacker, with position lock). I just played my zone and went forward if I recognized a run.

I had 4 tackles in 55 offensive plays, so I certainly didn't dominate. It was my CPU defense (the worst possible) against the CPU offense (best in the game), running the same defense on every play.

The CPU had 18 rushing attempts for 33 yards, with 2 fumbles. They were 12-23-2 passing for 111 yards, with 6 sacks. Believe it or not, that's the best I've seen a CPU quarterback play.

4 turnovers and 3.5 yards a play, with 6 sacks. And remember, this was using the same defense for every play, with a 73 rated offense against a 45 rated defense. They scored 7 points, and that was on a drive with 2 fourth down conversions and 2 penalties against me.

That just isn't going to work.

Like I said, I think this is entirely fixable. The defensive line is breaking free way, way too many times, given the discrepancy in ratings. Adjusting the balance between the offensive and defensive lines would make the game play much better.

It's just that we can't do it ourselves, because we can't edit player ratings. The developers have to do it, and there's no way to know yet whether that is going to happen.

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