Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Flowering Of Wisdom

I normally use the "Plasma Television Reference System" to examine any potential purchases.

If Gloria comes up and says she wants to buy a couch, for example, I'll say "A couch? We could have a 50-inch HD plasma for the same price!" It's at these moments that I'm always glad the axe is locked away.

I was taking Eli 8.10 to see his Granny yesterday, and we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a snack. As we drove to the grocery store, we passed a Quizno's.

"Blech," Eli said. "Quizno's." Eli's never had a sandwich at Quizno's, but I can't stand them, and he knows that. Much like the Red State/Blue State or Wal-Mart/Target or Cracker Jack/Poppycock divides, one is either a Subway guy or a Quizno's guy. I'm a Subway guy.

"I have no idea why anyone would even want to eat a sandwich there," Eli said. "Maybe they have great deals."

"But Subway has a footlong sandwich for five dollars," I said.

"I know, right?" he said. "So you could buy two pens, or you could have a gigantic sandwich. I know what I'd take."

He paused.

"Well, actually I'd take the pens, because I hate sandwiches," he said. "But still."

I was talking to Eli 8.10 about pizza last night because a Papa John's commercial came on t.v.

"I kind of miss Papa John's," I said.

"WHY?" he asked. Eli is a 100% Pizza Hut man.

"When you were about five, that was the only pizza you'd eat," I said. "You absolutely loved Papa John's. We had it so many times that I got used to it."

"Those were the dark ages," he said, laughing.

We're going to Game 5 of the Calder Cup tonight. That's the Texas Stars vs. the Hershey Bears, for those of you keeping score at home.

Eli 8.10 was in the kitchen, and when I walked in I saw that he was making a sign on white poster board. It said "BRIN" so far.

"A sign for the game?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, hunched over the poster board in concentration.

"What's it going to say?" I asked.

"BRING THE CUP HOME." That's one of the slogans being used in local advertaising for the games.

"Very nice," I said.

"I watch a lot of hockey," he said. "I know some fashionable signs."

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