Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Links!

From Ben Younkins, a remarkable discovery: a complete recording (the only one known to exist) of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series (often described as one of the greatest games ever played) found in Bing Crosby's vault.

From Dan Granot, a new entrant into the Badass Hall of Fame: Montana woman fends off bear attack with zucchini.

From Frank Regan (and this will make you laugh if you're old like I am), it's Star Wars TV Intro (Hawaii Five-O Version).

From Jeff Gardiner, an absolutely spectacular series of photos, including thousands of Devil Rays as they mass off the Californian coast.

Here's a bizarre and fascinating epilogue: Al Stump, who wrote what is generally considered a definitive biography on Ty Cobb, was apparently quite a fraud.

From Brian Minsker, and these are all kinds of awesome, it's High-Speed Video of Lightning.

From Michael Clayton, and this is amazing, it's First Human-Powered Ornithopter Flight Recorded by Canadian.

Three very clever gaming videos sent in by Mr. Fritz: The Rocket Jump, Aimbot, and Future Rock Band.

From Sirius, and this isn't a prank, it's the 'Emergency' Bra-Turned-Face Mask. Also, it's A Habitable Exoplanet — for Real This Time.

From John Harwood, something I've never seen before: a triple rainbow.

Brian sent me a link to Game Pitches, which is exactly what you think it would be: "a repository for video game pitches and design documents."

From Shane Courtrille, and I'm not sure life can get more tasteless than this, it's the $1 million Advent calendar.

From Kez, maybe the most amazing interception I've ever seen.

From Jim Moss, and this is stunning, it's An Airplane in Front of the Moon.

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