Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We were watching the Penguins play the Rangers last week, and some knucklehead started fighting some other knucklehead. A discussion about fighting ensued.

[boring part edited out--at least, I hope you think that after reading the rest]

"Well, fighting is never going to solve anything," Gloria said.

"Oh, sure, Mom, I can't believe you're saying that, Eli 9.3 said. "You've started a few fights."

"What?" she said, laughing. "I have not."

"Mom, come on!" Eli said.

Reason steps into the void.

"Little dude, what you say is true or has an element of truth pretty often," I said. "but your mother has never started a fistfight. I know about the YouTube videos, but those are so grainy that they're totally inconclusive."

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