Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween (Costume Edition)

First off, the states where we had readers reporting costume data:

Not bad for a first year, and there were twelve reporters in all (including three from Texas and two from Washington). 494 costumes were counted in all.

In total, there were 161 different costumes (categorization is sometimes difficult). Here's your top ten:

"Losers" are people who didn't wear costumes, by the way.

It's a classic list: witches, princesses, vampires, ninjas, zombies, skeletons, fairy princesses, pirates, faires, and football players.

Points of possible interest:
--Vampires are doing very well (thanks, Twilight), but Frankenstein (1) has dropped off the radar. So, too, has the Wolfman (0).
--For very young children, the Bumblebee (8) is a popular theme.
--Dorothy (4) endures, 71 years after the Wizard of Oz was released. That's really quite incredible.
--Five years ago, there would have been a ton of kids dressed as Power Rangers (1).
--Astronauts (1) have also (sadly) all but disappeared.

For you true costume nerds, here's the full data dump:
Witch (37)
Princess (33)
Vampire (23)
Losers (21)
Ninja (17)
Zombie (16)
Skeleton (15)
Fairy Princess (14)
Pirate (13)
Fairies, Football Player (11)
Cheerleader (9)
Batman, Bumblebee,Cat (8)
Harry Potter, Iron Man, Monster (6)
Clown, Gangster (5)

Asian Princesses, Darth Vader, Dorothy, Ghoul, Jason, Knight, Ladybug, Scream, Soldier, Spiderman, Transformers (4)

Angel, Army Man/Girl, Baseball Player, Bear, Clone Trooper, Cowboy, Grim Reaper, Gypsy, Hannah Montana, Mummy, NY Gant (that's a typo and I don't think it's "Giant", so I have no idea) (3)

50s Female (from Grease), Army Men, Boba Fett, Camo, Death, Devil, Evil Doctor, Farmer, Figure Skater, Goth Girls, Japanese Pop idols, Jedi, Lion,
Mario, Martial Arts, Nurse, Optimus Prime, Pig, Policeman, Pumpkin, Puppy, Robin, Scarecrow, Snow White, Supergirl, Thomas The Tank Engine (2)

50s Baseball Player, Astronaut, Barbie, Biker, Boba Fett, Businesswoman, Butcher, Candy Corn Witch, Cat in the Hat, Cereal, Chicken, Court Jester,
Dancer, Demon, Dinosaur, Diva, Dracula, Dragon, Duck, Dumbo, Eeyore, Elvis, Evil Pilgrim, Fairy Godmother, Fireman, Flapper, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, Frog, Geek, Ghost, Glam Rocker, Gorilla, Hot Dog, Indian Princess, Jasmine, Jogger, Ketchup, Little green men alien, Luigi, Luke Skywalker, Lumberjack, Mexican wrestler, Mime, Money, Mustard, Pig, Power Ranger, Pumpkin Fairy, Race Car Driver (hopefully named Jerry), Racing Pit Crew member, Rapper, Red Crayon, Santa, Scooby Doo, Secret Agent, Skateboarder, Snow White, Spartan, Stunt Man, Sulley (Monsters Inc.), Supergirl, Superman, SWAT Officer, The Flash, The Hulk, Thing 1, Thing 2, Tiana, Tigger, Toy Story Jessie, Vampire Cheerleader, Vampire Coroner, Vampire Jason, Waspman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Wrestler, Yankees Fan, Zeus, Zombie Doctor, Zombie Rabbit, Bad Guy, Bert, Bunny, Ceiling Fan, Cinderella, Ernie, Evil Princess, King Kong, Pac Man, Robin Hood's Daughter, Soldier Maid (1)

Obviously, there are a few commendations to be handed out to the following:
--Evil Princess
--Evil Pilgrim (conceptually outstanding)
--Soldier Maid
--Zombie Rabbit
--Ceiling Fan
--Vampire Coroner
--Thing 1 and Thing 2
--Hot dog, mustard, and ketchup (who appeared as a group)

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some of your Halloween memories.

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