Monday, November 15, 2010

Unlimited Fun Now Costs $1.59

On Mondays, when I pick up Eli 9.3 from school,we always stop at Einstein's Bagels to get an iced sugar cookie. Well, two sugar cookies, because I eat one, too.

Incredibly, a photograph of this product does not appear to exist on the World Wide Web, so let me describe it for you. It's round and generously sized, with white icing, and colored sprinkles on top. 

Those sprinkles are important. They're almost perfectly round, and about the size of the head of a straight pin.

We were sitting at a counter, happily eating our respective snacks, when a sprinkle fell off my cookie, hit the counter in front of me, and began to roll freely.

Repeat: began to roll freely.

As I was watching, hypnotized, I looked up and saw Eli doing the same thing. I reached down and touched the red sprinkle with the edge of my finger, and it shot into the air.

"Oh, here we go!" Eli said (and yes, he got that phrase from the Bud Light commercials).

What followed was 15 minutes of non-stop laughter as we launched about 50 tiny sprinkles per cookie, one at a time. There was the Field Goal, the Pinball, the Shuttle Launch--and every single one made us laugh.

Micro fun.

On the way out to the car, I said, "Best sugar cookies ever."

Eli said, "We have some fun, don't we?"

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