Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's Been Worse

I'm sure you're thinking that this must be EA's worst idea ever:
We just started construction on our first North American EA SPORTS retail store, which will open this fall in the Charlotte, NC, airport. It is the first of what we hope to be at least three new retail stores to open in the next year, and it’s a place people will be able to interact and buy their favorite EA SPORTS games.

Madness is such a strange disease.

However, believe it or not, that is NOT the worst idea EA has ever had. I refer you to the magic that was 2005:
The Sims is about to get a little more into The Real World. Electronic Arts has reportedly been pitching the idea of a reality television show based on the life simulator to several television production companies. While no plans have yet been given the green light, EA does have a few ideas on what a Sims television show would be like.

Jan Bolz, vice president of marketing and sales for EA Europe, told Reuters: "One idea could be that you're controlling a family, telling them when to go to the kitchen and when to go to the bedroom, and with this mechanism you have gamers all over the world 'playing the show."

Just try to top that with an incredibly stupid retail store concept. Can't be done.

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