Monday, August 08, 2011

Gaming Notes

There's a new indie portal called Indievania, and it looks promising. Here's a note from the website:
Indievania is an online indie game marketplace for independent developers to sell their games directly to players. Customers can purchase games directly from the developers PayPal account, supporting the original developers and helping to fund development.

Players can redownload games at any time after purchase, and developers can continually update their game and release new versions.

Indievania was started by indie developers Alientrap, as a solution for other indie developers to sell their games and retain the most profits possible, taking just a 9% fee for storage/bandwidth as opposed to the industry standard of 30%. 

The site is currently in beta right now, but I definitely think it's worth keeping an eye on--it sounds like a great deal for indie developers.

Next, and I saw this over at the indispensable Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a gaming website  that features ultra-high resolution screenshots taken in-game. The screenshots are amazing, absolutely jaw-dropping, notable as much what they choose to show us their beauty. The website is called Dead End Thrills, and it's very much worth checking out.

Lastly, and this is one of the many, many reasons I love the world of Dwarf Fortress, check out this development update from Tarn:
We've decided to go ahead and add the ability to perform interactions as an adventurer now, whether they are a basic property of a modded adventurer race or something gained through a curse/secret, etc. Obviously this would have needed to go in at some point, but it was unclear if it was going to happen for this release. I suppose the current peak of this feature will be learning to be a necromancer and then animating your own severed arm as a permanent traveling companion. That's going to be my test case, anyway. That'll probably make your arm into a historical figure with its own entry on the legends screen. I'll have to see how that works.

Seriously, how could anyone not love THAT?

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