Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Call Of Duty Soda Elite

Chris Crowder sent in this information about the Mountain Dew/Doritos Call Of Duty promotion:
As an avid Call of Duty player I wanted to check out what exactly you are able to get for loading up on chips and pop to see if there was much to be gained. Compared to the normal play times for people and what you get for certain purchases the double XP is not worth a whole lot. It seems that one person can only accumulate a max of 24 hours of double XP and that is in increments of 15 – 90 minutes. Now this whole promotion may be ridiculous but I can hardly see it being any sort of advantage for anyone during online play. It seemed liked with Black Ops, they were turning on double XP every 6 weeks or so for a weekend.

Point taken.

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