Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Trishas

A few weeks, longtime DQ reader Frank Regan sent me this message:
So I'm in Memphis...With friends of Graham Wilkinson. Small freakin world.

If you don't know who Graham Wilkinson is, you haven't been around long enough. Go here. Or here, and listen to "Ragamuffin".

So it's very cool that Frank is hanging out friends of GW. A little later, I got another message:
It gets better. They're trying to talk him into playing my wedding.

Here's the story, and it's quite the seven degrees of separation, only it's much less than seven. A few days later, Frank sent me an e-mail asking me to listen to a band named "The Trishas". Then he explained why:
 This is an all girl band, the lead singer of which married my cousin and is one of the friends of Graham Wilkinson that I was with last weekend. Regardless, she has an amazing voice. They're in Nashville recording their first full album right now with the guy that produced Robert Plant's last album.

The Trishas are in the folk/country/bluegrass genre, and they have collectively beautiful voices, both striking and slightly haunting. So I am happy to make them the "little sister" band of Dubious Quality, and please give them a listen. Oh, and here's their website: The Trishas.

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