Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opening The Door

Destin Bales, Director of Product Development at Paragon Studios, sent me an e-mail last week titled "How Do I Get Into The Games Industry?":
As a veteran game developer I have been asked this question repeatedly over the years, and I've thoroughly enjoyed helping others learn ways to get there. The request would come randomly - a friend of the family, a buddy from high school, a student at the local college, even the dental assistant at my dentist office. Each time I would craft lengthy emails sharing advice and offering to help them in any way I can. For some unknown reason though I rarely saved that information and had to re-write it each time.

After receiving this request last week from a twelve year old player of one of our games I was inspired by his passion to learn (and frankly his intelligence) and decided to finally do more. Hence this site has been born:
I Need To Make Games

My hope is that over time this site can provide an interactive experience where students and professionals passionate about pursuing a job in the industry can come and get valuable feedback and guidance from existing and former developers via the comments and discussion section.

I think that's an absolutely great idea, and I only hope the site gets enough traction to become a useful community resource.

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