Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Links!

Steven Davis has other links this week, but this one is incredibly special: a nine-year-old buy who builds his own cardboard arcade. It's a wonderful story, and so is the ending: Caine's Arcade.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is amazing: Eccerobot. Also, and this is alarming, it's The Insane Experiment.

From Sirius, and it would be quite interesting to see one of these strolling through the mall, it's Researchers Unearth Largest Feathered Dinosaur .

From John Harwood, and this is a fantastic timewaster, it's 100 Games Cupcake Game.

From Steven Davis, and this is ingenious: DIY Machine Shop: Four Essential Tools You Can Build From Recycled Parts.

From Curry Mutton, and this will blow your mind: using a laser to light a firecracker inside a balloon without popping the balloon.

From Brian Whalen, and this is very clever, it's Alien: The Easter Edition.

From Matt S., and these images are incredibly striking: Modern Ruins, Portrait of Place.

From DQ Reader My Wife, another in what must be one billion cute cat videos: Cat loves Bearded Dragon.

From Dan Willhite, and this is not Photoshopped: Naica Cave.

From Jim, and this is more zombie whimsy: Map of the Dead: Zombie Survival Map. Also, and this is quite interesting, it's How Linux is Built.

Here's something that's both hilarious and entirely incredible: Can an Excavator Really Row a Freaking Boat?.

From David Gloier, and this is fantastic, it's Watch the world’s most complex Rube Goldberg machine in action.

Finishing up this week, it's Scott Moore and the Great Moonbuggy Race (that's a link for video footage of the race). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then take a look here: Here Comes NASA's 18th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race.

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