Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Eli 10.9 downloaded an app for his iPod that takes what you've said and translates it into another language, both written and spoken.

"Dad, what should I say?" Eli asked. Gloria was in the kitchen, listening.

"I'd recommend 'my pants are on fire'," I said.

He tried it, but the program didn't recognize his voice.

"Let me try," I said. Remember, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking for much of my writing (ulnar nerve issues). My voice was recognized with no problem.

"That was hilarious!" he said after hearing 'my pants are on fire' in Japanese. "Do another one!"

"Let's see," I said. "Okay, I've got one: 'your butt is enormous'."

"Great," Gloria said. That was also quite entertaining in Japanese.

My last suggestion: 'someone peed in my pants'."

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