Thursday, May 10, 2012

Road To Enlightenment

DQ Reader Dirk Knemeyer has a very interesting Kickstarter project for a board game called "Road To Enlightenment." Here's a description:
A continental struggle for prestige: religion, science, art and warfare
Road to Enlightenment gives players control of great scientists, artists, philosophers, religious leaders, politicians and military leaders, bringing them uniquely and individually to life.

You play as one of the great monarchs from 17th and early 18th century Europe representing one of the seven top powers of the era: Austria, England, France, Poland, Russia, Spain or Sweden. Your objective is to be recognized as the most prestigious monarch by producing the most admired art and culture, lead the continent in scientific innovations, spread or resist the spread of Catholicism, and attempt military expansion beyond your historical borders. All of this is accomplished by marshaling 134 historical "luminaries": important historical figures covering every relevant domain of human achievement during the period.

That sounds very, very interesting.

For more, here's the Kickstarter page: Road To Enlightenment.

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