Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from "Curry Mutton", and if you have any affection for Van Gogh, this is a wonderful, wonderful video:
Starry Night by Vincent Van Dominogh. Yes, it's "Starry Night"--in dominoes. Seriously, the reveal moment in the video is entirely breathtaking.

Here's something that could be huge: Novel Brain Scan Can Detect Concussions.

From Steven Kreuch, and this is a long read but it's incredibly poignant and touching: Snow White's Scary Adventures Final Night.

From Sirius, and this is amazing: Known exoplanets . Also, and this is quite cool, it's Native American genes found in Icelanders. One more, and this is simply amazing: Cyborg system stifles your need to drink water.

From Brad Brasfield, and this is just beyond words: 80-Ruxpin Art Installation.

From Matt S., and these are just amazing: How times have changed in New York City! Extraordinary colour photographs reveal 1940s life in the Big Apple in all its glory. And here's the full archive: Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection.

From Robb, and this is tantalizing: Scientists: Research could make broadband 85,000 times faster.

From Dan Willhite, and this video of the ideal path (and process) of the Mars lander is entirely spectacular: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror.

Here's a fascinating story about the new market inefficiency (potentially) in baseball:
How To Build A 21st Century Bullpen With Failed Hitting Prospects And A Radar Gun.

From David Byron, and this is quite remarkable: Were dinosaurs warm blooded? The bones point to yes.

From Jeremy Fischer, and this is amazing: Watch the Entire Mind-Blowing Skydiving Demo of Google's Project Glass.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is both chilling and entirely fascinating: The Secret Of Ozersk.

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