Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Magic Man

Eli 10.10 went to Magic Camp this summer for the sixth year running.

Every year, he's improved his manual dexterity, and it's been all kinds of fun to see how much he's improved his sleight-of-hand skills, which have become somewhat considerable at this point.

In the first few years, he would do card tricks and I'd see him manipulating the deck. Now, he does tricks and I'm basically WTF the whole time, because I have no idea how he's doing them.

He has 8-10 card tricks that he does very, very well, but getting ready for the trip put the kibosh on taping them all. However, I did tape a trick he calls "Aces", and you can take a look:

He actually does it a little better in person, but being filmed made him nervous. But he can force cards with ease now and do all kinds of things that entirely ridiculous. I'll tape a few more next week and put them up for you.

Oh, and he can juggle rings now.

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