Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Let me mention two absolutely phenomenal pieces of writing.

I mentioned a while back that I had removed ESPN from my browser bookmarks. That was true, and it's still true, but there is one excellent reason to visit ESPN: Patrick Hruby.

Hruby has become, in my mind, the preeminent long-form sportswriter in this country. His pieces are consistently intelligent, full of depth, and extraordinarily well- written.

Last week, he published a new article: The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis: Meet the Man Behind Baseball's Most Psychedelic Myth. It's brilliant, which should come as no surprise.

Second, Russ Pitts, who has turned into the Patrick Hruby of long-form gaming pieces, also has a new article:
Don't be a hero - The full story behind Spec Ops: The Line
How Walt Williams, Cory Davis and Richard Pearsey made a war game into something like art
. It's a tremendous piece of writing as well, which is true to form for Russ.

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