Monday, November 26, 2012


Here's an e-mail I just received:

We have a breach of intellectual property agreement matter, please contact us if you are can.
Hiroaki Iwasaki
Iwasaki Publishing Co., Ltd. 1-9-2 Suido Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo Japan 112-0005
Telephone: [I removed this, althoughi t's probably easily available online]

Well, that's downright baffling, and I would immediately say it's spam, but this fellow does actually exist, and the details of his publishing company are correct. However, if you're going to e-mail someone as a representative of your company, would you use a Gmail address? Really?  And even a non-native speaker, would, I assume, be able to construct a better phrase than "please contact us if you are can".  

Oh, and the character at the begining of the e-mail--that's probably an English representation of a Japanese character or something, so I have no idea about that, either.

So should I play along here? It's not like I'm clicking on a link or being asked to send money. Yet.

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