Thursday, November 01, 2012

So Nice

One of the trailers for Medal of Honor: Warfighter was the single most reprehensible piece of advertising I've ever seen in the gaming industry. Here, watch it yourself.

The assholes who approved that should have been fired. It is a horrific, incredibly offensive attempt to explicitly market human tragedy as a selling point for a game.

Where have the grown-ups gone at Electronic Arts? Why did no one stop this?

Because of that, it was such a happy moment to see this news:
Electronic Arts posted a net loss of $381 million for the second fiscal quarter ending September 30, a year-on-year increase of 12.1 percent. Net revenue also suffered a slight decline, down to $711 million from $715 million for the same period last year...

Software-wise, FIFA 13 scored 7.4 million sales (excluding mobile downloads) in its first four weeks, while Battlefield 3 Premium subscriptions are now over the 2 million mark. EA is, however, bracing itself for a "soft" Q3 following the the weak critical reception to Medal of Honor: Warfighter and the cancellation of NBA Live 13.

It wasn't just a soft "critical" reception (although the game got very, very poor reviews): everyone I know who bought the game thinks it's terrible. So the consumer reception has been "weak" as well.

Good. If ever a game deserved to fail miserably, it's this one.

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