Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cloning (Update)

Thanks for the number of you who wrote in to offer recommendations and advice about swapping out my existing SSD for a faster, larger model.

I thought it might useful to share the results, because I was very surprised that there are so many software options for cloning a drive. These are listed in order of number of recommendations:
Acronis True Image (5)
Norton Ghost (2)
Windows 7 (there's a built-in utility) (2)
Macrium Reflect (2)
Paragon Drive Copy 12 Pro (1)
Casper (1)
Redo Backup and Recovery (Linus) (1)
Clonezilla (1)
Drive Image XL (1)

I've actually used Acronis True Image before, to migrate the contents of my previous hard drive to the SSD, and it worked fine. It's been so long, though, that I had forgotten.

The drive I ordered (Intel) has a built-in utility for cloning, so I'm either going to use that or True Image. Again, thanks for the advice.

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