Tuesday, January 01, 2013


"Oh, hell, I know I'm getting old when the damned FITNESS EVALUATION is hurting me," I said to Gloria. I was using Nike + Kinect Training, another exercise program for Kinect, and I was just doing the initial evaluation.

Which was brutal.

One-legged squats hurt quite a lot, thanks very much. And the exercise were you jump left, landing and holding on one leg, then do the same thing to the right (it's kind of a hockey exercise, actually) is equally ridiculous.

At the end, I was running in place with high knee lift--sprinting in place--and there were three sets of 30 seconds each with 30 seconds in-between. I was trying to do as many reps in the last 30 seconds as I did in the first 30, but I realized with 15 seconds to go that my knees simply wouldn't lift high enough for the rep to count. That's my body, giving me the big middle finger.

Trying to come back from my stupid calf injury has been lousy. I've been reduced to walking every day on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes (which is incredibly boring and entirely unsatisfying), along with playing tennis with Eli 11.5 a few days a week. The funny thing is that tennis, of all things, never hurts my calf, even though playing with Eli now is like being on the tail end of a roller skating whip. It's the worst possible thing I could do for a bad calf muscle, but it always feels fine after we play.

If I work out on an elliptical trainer, though, it hurts.

So I'm trying this Nike program out, and it seems promising. It's certainly going to be difficult enough, and it's a million times more interesting than walking on a treadmill.

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