Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unwritten: That Which Happened

This is an entirely worthy Kickstarter for a game that sounds entirely fantastic:
Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.

--Delve into a turn based strategy game with meaningful, permanent decisions
--Play as successive generations of a nomadic clan, passing stories and legends down through the ages
--Experience infinite novelty through randomly generated maps, units, abilities, and enemies
--Make decisions that become a part of your personal "story", affecting your ability to barter and ally with rival clans
--Make the trek to "God Mountain", a place of final judgement and potential glory
--Experience a rich, exotic world inspired by international traditions of story-telling
--Make your own game modules using the same tools the developer used to make the game

Yes, it sounds a bit like King of Dragon Pass (a very good thing), and you can make your own game modules. I mean, come on! How can this Kickstarter fail?

Well, it's about to, because there are 11 hours to go, and it's at roughly $67,000 of the $75,000 goal. So please go take a look at the Kickstarter site and the videos, because it would be a travesty if this project doesn't make its goal:
Unwritten: That Which Happened

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