Thursday, February 28, 2013

Words and Such

Robin Clarke (of the excellent Fluid Soccer) has a Kickstarter titled The World's Biggest Wordsearch Puzzle. Here's a description:
We’re producing a perfectly plump puzzle, packed with over 5,750 wickedly withheld words, all of them tied to over 350 themes, lovingly laced through a latticework of over 60,000 letters.

The puzzle is hand-crafted with tactfully and tastefully thought-out themes, and of course - wads of wonderful words. We’ve hidden a Secret Message and 45 specially designated ‘Trophy’ words too.

Our convoluted calculations conclude it’ll take a committed Word Search puzzler over 40 hours to complete this world beating puzzle – as such we’re applying to the Guinness Book of World Records and are confident of a rapturous response.

Abundant alliterations, that.

There will be a giant poster, along with PC, iOS, and Android versions. And it's a very modest goal--only £5,000. So if you're interested, hop over to the Kickstarter and have a look.

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